Monday, July 20, 2015

#MusicMondays: Five Songs to Elevate Your Mood!

Music allows us to feel things that we can't always verbally express, and sometimes it's the best pick-me-up that you can have!
So for this Music Mondays, I would like to share Five Songs to Elevate Your Mood
No one enjoys being in a bad or sad mood...I know this all too well--but I also have learned a secret: we can fight these feelings with music. 
I'm not going to pretend that the feelings won't come back after the songs are over...but for the moment, just enjoy the blissful happiness and smile!

1. Haven't Met You Yet- Michael Bublé Number can you be sad when Michael Bublé is telling you it will all be okay? This song NEVER FAILS to make me feel so much better. He's saying, "Sure, you may not have what you want now, but just wait--it's around the corner." Plus, the music video is so cute! 

2. Shut Up and Dance With Me- Walk the Moon Okay, so confession time. I over think and talk way too much. This song is a reminder for me to just shut up. My worrying and thinking isn't going to fix things in the moment, so just dance and forget about it for three minutes! The situation will still be there, so why not just feel good for a bit! 

3. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson Bruno Mars I dare you not to get up and groove to this song! I love the old school funky influence, especially the bass line. Sometimes we need a little reminder that we are "Too hot!" 

4. Single Ladies- Beyoncé  I know you've tried to do the Single Ladies dance, don't lie. It's okay, we're all friends here (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attempting it right now). Be a boss, be Queen Bey, sing it at the top of your lungs and be silly! You're worth it!

5. Best Day of My Life- American Authors  I wanted to end this with a very uplifting song to remind you that this can be the best day of your life. Even if it can't be the whole day, make it 20 minutes. Allow yourself to forget your troubles for a moment! I promise, it will all be okay. 

That's all for this post!
I hope that it makes you happy. 
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  1. Uptown funk never fails to get me in a better mood. It's such a great song to dance to.

    Sempiternal Adventures