Monday, July 6, 2015

Music Mondays (Disney Style!)

It's that time again! Wow, a week has come and gone...this is crazy. How do I only have 49 days left of summer before I have to go back to college? 

Anyway, lets get into the post!
Today, I am in a Disney sort of mood. Do you ever just have the desire to sing the Disney songs at the top of your lungs? (Don't lie, I know you do!) Well, today I will be putting my Spotify playlist "Don't Doubt the Disney" on shuffle and see what we come up with for my first ten! Per the usual, I will link the music with the title, so you can enjoy as we go down the list! (P.s, I get a little in-depth about've been warned ♡)

1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? -Frozen How can you not love this song? It starts out with the cutest little girl singing her heart out, and ends in a touching sisterly invitation of care and love. Now, if I had to pick a favorite movie from the Disney Revival Era, (yes, I'm nerdy about the names of the Eras of Disney movies--if you'd like to learn more about that here's a link to a website that has it all laid out for you) I would pick Tangled, but the music is so incredibly ingenious in Frozen. The big numbers are fun and the lyrics are meaningful, and the orchestration is phenomenal.

2. Just Around the Riverbend -Pocahontas Okay, so confession time! I always wanted to be Pocahontas. I knew all of the songs by heart, and John Smith was totally my Disney crush for the longest time (and oh my gosh her hair is totally goals, am I right?) As I've become an adult, I completely fell in love with the romance of If I Never Knew You which was cut from from the original movie, because they felt it was too "adult". I just tear up every time I hear Mel Gibson and Judy Kuhn singing together! 

3. Two Worlds -Tarzan I feel like Tarzan is sometimes overlooked in the Disney realm, but honestly it is one of my favorite movies! Phil Collins is also an amazing musician and his music is so really submerges you into the jungle world that is depicted in the film. My favorite lyrics in this song are "Put your faith in what you most believe your heart, let fate decide". So beautiful!

4. I've Got a Dream- Tangled So, I've already expressed that this is probably my favorite recent Disney movie (I could probably write a whole post specifically about Tangled!) so I won't get too descriptive. This song is so fun, and it's a great comic relief point in the movie. Plus, Flynn's solo in it always makes me giggle. 

5. I'll Make a Man Out of You- Mulan Now, if this song doesn't make you want to kick some butt, I'm not sure if you're human. (Just kidding) But seriously, it's probably one of the most epic Disney ensemble songs. I had a major crush on General Li Shang and this whole number added to my love for him. Also, go Disney for the women empowerment in this movie!

6. Part of Your World -The Little Mermaid This song speaks to my curious, "in love" 16 year old self. We've all been there, you all know what feelings I'm talking about. The Little Mermaid was my favorite classic movie for that exact reason. Also because I want to be a mermaid and I refuse to believe that it's impossible! (Joking again...well sort of.) 

7. Gaston- Beauty and The Beast Why do I love Gaston's character so much? I don't think I'll ever have an answer to that question because he's pretty much a horrible person. This movie is in my top ten, specifically because it's basically one of the few Disney movies created like a musical...and if you don't already know from my about me tab, I'm all about musicals. Who doesn't love this showstopper about a conceited jerk? 

8. Go the Distance- Hercules Speaking of Disney movies created like musicals, here is Hercules! This is, in my opinion, another one of the less discussed Disney movies. I don't know why, though. There's great humor and wit throughout the whole film! This number in particular is so touching. 

9. Can You Feel the Love Tonight -The Lion King If this song doesn't make you feel things, I don't know what to say. Elton John, bravo on this one! It is just so beautifully done and romantic. Timon and Pumbaa are a great comic relief to this adult-y number, too.

10. I See the Light- Tangled I swear, this is on shuffle guys! I just really, really love this movie...and this song is one of the most touching songs (and scenes) in the whole movie. You can really see very clearly when Flynn's feelings have changed for Rapunzel, and it's so romantic! I'll admit, every single time I watch this movie, I cry at this part. Between the singing, the lyrics, and the cinematic artwork of the whole scene...I just lose it. And when he gives her that "look"...I just melt. (Ladies, you know what look I'm talking about!) 

So, that wraps up my Music Monday for today! I hope you were taken on a magical Disney nostalgia trip.
What are your favorite Disney movies? And would you love to see a post about my top ten Disney movies? Comment, tweet or talk to me on tumblr with your opinions!

Till next time, lovelies!

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  1. Love this. I always want to build a snowman. And I love I'll Make a Man Out of You. Mulan is a great Disney movie!

    xx Izzy | Qthee