Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ShopMissA Haul!

Don't you hate it when you're shopping online and everything is so expensive? "Sometimes," you may say to yourself, "I wish this all could be $1."

Well, what if I told you there was a website that did sell all of their products for $1?

ShopMissA is a company that legitimately sells everything for a dollar! My sister showed me their website a while ago, so I ordered some products and was very pleased with not only the quality of the products, but the customer service as well!

This was my whole purchase—as you can see, there's a little bit of everything! 

This is how it arrived to my house, neatly packaged. Everything inside was wrapped tightly, which was nice! There was a copy of my receipt inside too so that I could make sure everything was included.


First, we'll start with the beauty products. I bought two mascaras, one lip liner and one blush by Kleancolor, one lipstick by L.A. Colors, one e.l.f eyeshadow palette, and one e.l.f eye brush. 

This e.l.f defining brush has been an amazing addition to my ever growing brush collection. It holds eyeshadow very well and is wonderful for packing on eyeshadow really heavily!  

So, let me tell youI got super excited when I found out that Miss A sold mascara! I was running out of the brand I was previously using, so I quickly added these two to my cart! I will say that I have been using Baby Got Length more that Baby Got Volume, simply because Baby Got Length has a straight brush and the Volume one has a curved brush and for some reason it doesn’t work as well with my lashes. But that’s my personal preference. It stays on very well and it’s a very dark black! (Both by Kleancolor)

This blush is by Kleancolor in the shade Plum. It's not as dark as I expected it to be, but it's still on the dark side of pink!

This lipstick is by L.A. Colors in the shade Taupe Envy. For me, it's pretty much a nude lipstick, and I love that. It's actually one of the first lipsticks I've owned that turned out to be a nude for my skin color!

This e.l.f palette is called Pretty n' Pink. I purchased it because surprisingly enough I don't have any pink eyeshadow. I guess it's not a color that I ever really thought looked good on me...but I've been watching a ton of YouTubers wear pink eyeshadow looks lately so I thought I'd give it a try! It's very pigmented, and mostly matte but it has a tint of shimmer. 

Alright, so this was an experimental buy. I've NEVER worn Barbie Pink lip-anything, but I've always wanted to so I bought this lipliner in Barbie Pink and it sure is pink. This is going to be something I will play around with, to see if I can come up with a good look to wear it with but I'm sure I will think of something! (Also if any of you have suggestions on how to style bright pink lipstick on darker women, let me know in the comments, or tweet me!)

Swatches from top to bottom: Taupe Envy lipstick by L.A. Colors, Plum blush by Kleancolor, and Barbie Pink lipliner by Kleancolor

Now for the jewelry and hair accessories!

These three rings are so pretty! I've actually been wearing them nonstop and I'm not ashamed about it. I think my personal favorite would have to be the pink and gold one (far right) just because I love those colors together!

I think it's time I let you all know...I have an obsession with bows (maybe I should make a post specifically about my bow collection! Comment if you'd like to see that) and it's incurable. I love these super cute bows! I think my favorite would have to be the Pastel Ribbon Hair Bow in the color Grey (bottom left corner). The small ones (bottom right) come in a two pack and they are called the Victorian Lace Bow Set. I think I actually wanted to order them in Teal but I accidentally ordered Blue instead—which isn't a big deal at all since I think the Blue is also super cute! The biggest one is called the Emily Layered Bow Clip and it's in the color Green. I have not worn them yet, but they are just standard bows so I'm not worried at all. They are made with sturdy ribbon and clips! 

Now, how pretty is this headband? I just adore the pearl details. I believe I've worn this four or five times since I've received it, since it goes so well with my dark hair! So far I've only styled it when my hair is in a sleek low bun—it always looks very put together! It's very sturdy and doesn't hurt my head when I wear it. I'd say this was a win! It's called the Pearl and Bubbly Chain Twist Headband on the website. 

I've always been in love with the flower crown fad, but I haven't been brave enough to wear them because I didn't want to look "cheap" or something. Well, I figured I could spare a dollar and try this headband out to see how I like it! It's called the Three Flower Accent Headband on the website, and think I really am going to enjoy pairing this with outfits this coming semester at college! I have not worn it yet, since my natural (crazy, curly) hair doesn't ever want to cooperate with headbands—but when I straighten it I will most definitely be wearing this headband more often! 

These earrings are just so classy! I took one look at them and I knew I had to purchase them. To me, they look like princess earrings! They are called Stone & Crystal Frame Earrings on the website, and I ordered them in Blue. One thing I did not know about the earrings before I purchased them is that they are clip on earrings, and that wasn't in the description of the earrings. However, it was in one of the example pictures.

I also bought this super adorable necklace called the Multi Skinny Chain Necklace. It's very short and super chic! I love the colors and it adds such a nice edgy look to my outfits!


Along with these purchases, I also bought a bellybutton ring and a phone case. The phone case was a impulse add to my cart, and I overlooked the fact that it was an iPhone 6 Plus case and not an iPhone 6 case, therefore I can't use it. It was just a clear, silicone phone case that I figured I could just put on my phone when I wanted to switch things up...I just wish I would have paid more attention when I checked out. My fault! 

I can't remember what the name of the bellybutton ring was but this is how it came. I don't really like the blue in the center as much as I thought I would, but it's not bad. I just got my bellybutton pierced a month ago so I can't change it yet anyways, but I figured I'd get one for when I do. It is surgical steel (my body rejects anything less than that) So I was excited to see that! I will definitely try some other styles when my piercing heals. 

Overall, I was definitely overjoyed to see the quality of the items I purchased. I know, your initial thought when you hear "everything is a dollar!" is that it's sketchy and the product is poor quality, but I can tell you that's not the case. If you shop at Miss A, your money will be well spent and they take the utmost care of your purchases! The customer service is great and very prompt in their responses via email, which was very nice to experience. 

While everything on the website is $1, shipping is a flat rate at $3.95—which is still incredibly amazing! 

I will most definitely be ordering from Miss A again in the near future and I hope you will be too! There is something for everyone in their shop! 

*Disclaimer: I bought all of these products myself and I was not sponsored by ShopMissA to review their product. I did this on my own accord and all my opinions are my own!*

Let me know if you decide to shop with them! Tweet me, or talk to me on tumblr!

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