Monday, June 29, 2015

Story time?

Once upon a time, (because we all know the best stories begin this way) in a small town in Ohio, a woman named Desiree made a decision. 

A decision to share her crazy transition into her 20 somethings with you, her audience. A transition including a wide array of subjects...let's face it--this woman has a lot of interests. Interests including (but not limited to) fashion, beauty, music, college--and other things too, like video gamesmusical theatreand other geeky topics. 

Okay, okay. I'll face the facts: I'm a nerd. I'm also the kind of nerd people don't always expect. I hope that through this blog, I can reach people in all of the different activities I'm involved in. 

This first post is just the beginning of an I'd like to extend an invitation to you, the reader, to accompany me on. I don't know where this blog will take us, in truth, but I'm sure that every post will contain something that will help me discover more of who I am, and maybe help you do the same. 

But enough of the sappiness--lets get this show on the road! Stop by weekly to see new posts! If you'd like to know more about me you can click on my "About Me" page and see what things we share in common! Feel free to check out the other links in my page bar too. 

That's all for now!

Don't forget to reach out to me on Twitter, or Tumblr with questions, topics, or just to show some love!

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  1. Welcome to blogging love! I look forward to keeping up with you and your adventures.
    Ps. You're gorgeous Xx