Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Passion for Fashion

Okay, here's the deal. 
I've loved fashion ever since I was 11, when my parents got me the Barbie Fashion Show cd rom game. 
embarrassing, right? But it did really inspire me to want to become a fashion designer. I would tell my parents that it was my career goal, and I would carry around a huge sketchbook filled with my "designs". Recently, I found some of those sketches....needless to say I won't be showing them on here! But, I'm telling you this because I hope you can see where my love for fashion started. 

Now, I'm 19. Soon, I will be 20, and a phase will begin in my life where I have so many possibilities at my fingertips and ways to express myself. One of those things is my sense of style. I like to classify my style as "Boho/Hippie/Grunge"  although it's hard to really give a label. Throughout high school I went through a lot of phases clothing wise, and now I finally feel as if I've found a style that really explains who I am as a woman and my personality. 

I have been a stylist for two years at a local American Eagle Outlet store here where I live, and I can truly say I love my job. Working there has influenced my style choices, but I also get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. (My style board is possibly my favorite board) 

This post will be followed up with a photo post of some outfits I've put together for myself over the past couple of months ♡ 

Really, what is most important is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in your clothing and your style. It can be a powerful art form to show others how you feel about yourself! 

What do you think your fashion style is classified as? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me or talk to me on Tumblr!

Take care, lovelies!

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